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A Missing Father. A Desperate Search. An Unforgettable Adventure.


Vincent Kartheiser, Thora Birch, Dirk Benedict & Charlton Heston

Written by
Andy Berg & Scott Myers

Director of Photography:
Tony Westman

Directed by
Fraser C. Heston

Released by
Castle Rock Entertainment

Thora Birch as “Jessie Barnes”
Vincent  Kartheiser as “Sean Barnes”
Vincent with Aggie the polar bear
Jessie and Sean canoeing in search of their father.
Aggie the bear
Plane crash on Devil’s Thumb
The kids searching for their father.
Poacher’s helicopter chasing Aggie.
Charlton Heston and Duncan Fraser as “Perry” and “Koontz”.
Heston outside of the helicopter
Heston as poacher, “Perry”
Sea Kayaking
Charlton Heston confers with director Fraser Heston.
Over the falls
Through the rapids
Thora and Aggie