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Fraser C. Heston

Director, Writer, Producer

FRASER C. HESTON began his film career in Hollywood in 1955, on the back lot at Paramount Studios playing the infant Moses in Cecil B. DeMille’s TEN COMMANDMENTS. His father, star Charlton Heston, of course portrayed the adult Moses; though Fraser has not forgiven him for taking first billing.

Fraser studied English and writing at UCLA and wrote his first produced screenplay at age 21, THE MOUNTAIN MEN for Columbia pictures. Since then he has written, produced and/or directed numerous feature films, television movies, and documentaries, such as MOTHER LODE, which brought about the founding of his production company, Agamemnon Films, in 1981; THE PROUD MEN for ABC; TREASURE ISLAND, A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS, CRUCIFER OF BLOOD (for Ted Turner’s TNT); ALASKA, and NEEDFUL THINGS (for Castle Rock Entertainment), as well as the critically acclaimed CHARLTON HESTON PRESENTS THE BIBLE, for A&E.

Most recently Fraser wrote, directed and produced the documentary THE SEARCH FOR MICHAEL ROCKEFELLER about the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller and journalist Milt Machlin’s epic search for him ten years later. THE SEARCH FOR MICHAEL ROCKEFELLER has won numerous awards at film festivals across the country.

Fraser was also Executive Producer of CHARLTON HESTON AND BEN HUR – A PERSONAL JOURNEY, a feature length documentary released by Warner Brothers Home Entertainment for the 50th Anniversary BluRay edition of BEN HUR.

Fraser is a Fellow of The Explorer’s Club. Always an avid outdoorsman, Fraser’s travels and adventures have included mountain climbing & white-water expeditions to Alaska, Canada, Africa, Scotland and Europe, photographic expeditions to the Amazon and Australia, a diving expedition to the Red Sea, an expedition to study humpback whales in Hawaii, and sailing in the North Sea, The Mediterranean, the Aegean, British Columbia, and the North Pacific and around Cape Horn. He continues to travel the world, in search of adventure - and a good story.
Fraser lives in Los Angeles with his wife Marilyn and son Jack, only a few miles from the back lot at Paramount.

Contact info:
Agamemnon Films
650 N. Bronson Ave. B225
Los Angeles, CA 90004


Additional Biographical Notes:

Also a keen pilot and mountaineer, Fraser jumped at the chance to direct Castle Rock's ALASKA, an outdoor family adventure film, starring Vincent Kartheiser, Dirk Benedict, and Aggie, the world's only trained polar bear. Heston enthusiastically drew on his own experience and adventures In the Alaskan wilderness. ALASKA was filmed on the waters off Vancouver Island and in remote locations in Alaska, Baffin Island and British Columbia's Pemberton Ice Cap. The project itself became something of a real-life adventure when the director's bush-plane crashed and he had to hike out with his pilot.

Castle Rock was also the home for his feature directorial debut, NEEDFUL THINGS, the dark Stephen King thriller about what happens when the Devil comes to small town in Maine. The film starred Ed Harris and Max Von Sydow, and has since acquired something of a cult following. On that film, with innovative editor Rob Kobrin, Fraser became the first director to edit a feature using AVID digital film-editing technology.

In addition to his original works, Fraser has displayed a flair for faithful adaptations as evidenced by his screenplays based on the work of Bolt and Stephenson. His next project was THE CRUCIFER OF BLOOD, also for TNT, which he directed, produced and adapted for the screen. Fraser turned Paul Giovanni's Tony-nominated play into a cinematic journey that challenged the legendary Sherlock Holmes to solve a compelling mystery which began during the Indian Mutiny at the Red Fort of Agra.

While developing his next Castle Rock Project, Fraser took time off to produce THE BIBLE, a four-hour multimedia documentary under his Agamemnon banner for The Arts and Entertainment Network. Agamemnon Films has marketed the immensely successful four-video series of THE BIBLE through a video distribution deal with Good Times Distribution which includes direct marketing and an infomercial. To date, THE BIBLE has grossed in excess of fifty million dollars in retail video sales world-wide.

Fraser continued his long-time collaboration with Martin Shafer at Castle Rock Entertainment as the second unit director on the feature film, CITY SLICKERS, filming the famous running of the bulls sequence in Pamplona.

An avid ocean sailor and naval history buff, Fraser made his directorial debut with a lifelong dream: Robert Louis Stephenson's TREASURE ISLAND, which was filmed in England, Jamaica, and on board the HMS Bounty. Fraser also wrote the screenplay and produced the project for TNT. The film was released theatrically overseas by Warner Brothers, and became TNT's most successful original production to date.

In 1987 Fraser took Agamemnon Films to Ted Turner's fledgling Turner Network Television, where he adapted and produced TNT's first Original Production, A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS, starring Charlton Heston, Vanessa Redgrave and Sir John Gielgud, based on the award-winning play by Robert Bolt.

In 1981, Heston formed his own production company, Agamemnon Films. Under this banner, he wrote, produced and distributed the independent feature MOTHER LODE, which starred his father and Nick Mancuso and marked the feature-film debut of Kim Basinger. While continuing to take assignments as a screenwriter, Fraser broadened his production experience as co-producer, with Frank Von Zerneck, of the modern-day western PROUD MEN, for ABC, starring Peter Strauss.

While in the process of writing Wind River, a romantic adventure novel about 19th-century fur trappers, Fraser was convinced by producer Martin Shafer to turn the story into a film script. Discovering that film-writing came naturally for him, 22-year-old Fraser wrote his first screenplay, THE MOUNTAIN MEN, for Columbia Pictures, which became the critically acclaimed feature film starring his father Charlton Heston and Brian Keith.

Fraser began his education as a film-maker at age 16, (not counting his acting debut as the Baby Moses in C. B. DeMille's TEN COMMANDMENTS at age 3 months) when he worked as assistant director to legendary second unit director Joe Canutt, on ANTONY & CLEOPATRA. He studied marine biology at the University of California at San Diego, but intent on becoming a writer, went on to study English literature and history at UCLA, spending his summers as a white water river guide in Idaho and Alaska.

Fraser continues his outdoor adventures, which have included mountain climbing & white-water expeditions in Alaska, Canada, Africa, Scotland and Europe, photographic expeditions to the Amazon and Australia, a diving expedition to the Red Sea, an expedition to study humpback whales in Hawaii, sailing in the North Sea, The Mediterranean, the Aegean, British Columbia, and the North Pacific. In 1989, Fraser took part in a sailing expedition with director William A. Graham & producer Rodger Gimbel, around Cape Horn. He continues to publish stories and articles about his adventures (read his article from Yachting, Cruising Cape Horn.

Fraser is a member of the Directors Guild of America, the Writers Guild of America West, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and the British Academy of Film and Television. He is also a member of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club in Vancouver, Canada and the Groucho Club of London.



Fraser Heston




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